The IHT Well-Being Programme is a fully flexible and tailored service delivering Acupuncture, Cupping, and Medical Massage to aid in the managment of common conditions such as stress and anxiety to corporate workplaces throughout the UK (As well as monthly lifestyle and well-being tips for employees).   Packages can be fully tailored to fit each workplace, and may be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on the needs of the company.  Please take a look at the information given below, and get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help.


Fully tailored treatments to fit with the individual workplace

Our programmes can be tailored almost entirely to the company’s needs – treatments can be short and effective for larger numbers of employees, or longer and more focused for the patient’s specific health needs.  All treatments can be done seated or on a portable treatment couch, and are done with the patient fully clothed, so no time is wasted and there is less requirement for privacy.

Improvements to staff morale and motivation*

Our wellbeing programmes improve staff morale and motivation, giving them something to look forward to whether it is a treatment focusing on relaxation, or a treatment focusing on specific health complaints making the patient feel looked after and able to get help during work hours.

Increased productivity and reduction in sick days*

By using our therapies to build energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and treat any physical complaints such as lower back and neck pain, companies continuously report increased productivity and work output by their staff in addition to a large reduction in sick days.

Increased well-being and improvement of a wide variety of conditions**

Our therapies are classed as whole medical systems by the World Health Organisation, and can be used to help a wide variety of health conditions.  Employees with underlying health disorders can have help for these conditions during the well-being programme, or if there are no major health concerns, employees can have treatment to simply relax yet revitalise to improve their general well-being.

Training standards, Insurance, and Professional Regulation Checks

All of our practitioners are trained to a high standard, having completed a full three years training in addition to further training for the well-being programme.  We carefully choose our practitioners for each of our well-being programmes by interview and based on their training and clinical experience, and we check that all practitioners are members of a professional regulatory body with full insurance in place.  This ensures that you are getting only the best practitioners within the workplace for peace of mind.

*professional references available on request   **patient testimonials available on request

Interested in Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is classed as a whole medical system, and can help with a wide range of conditions as well as promoting overall well-being.

Learn about Cupping

Cupping is an incredible therapy that is used for releasing tension and relieving many types of pain. It’s also excellent for boosting the immune system.

More than a Massage

Medical massage doesn’t just make you feel good (actually, really good!), it ensures our bodies can repair quicker and feel better both physically and mentally.

Kate Elizabeth – Programme Director

Kate is both the director and a practitioner of the IHT Well-being Programme.  Having spent many years previously working in the corporate world before qualifying as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner, Kate believes strongly in the importance of good health, motivation, and morale within the workplace.

Kate oversees all of the well-being therapists across the corporate placements throughout the UK, in addition to working at placements herself.  She ensures that all corporate clients, and the therapists themselves, are happy and working to the individual programme’s needs.  If you have any queries about new or existing well-being programmes, please do not hesitate to contact Kate.

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